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Perú Norte y Sur 10 Días

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10 Dias

20 personas

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Si buscas una experiencia única en la vida, aventúrate a caminar por el Camino Inca hasta llegar a la impresionante ciudadela de Machu Picchu, uno de los principales atractivos turísticos de Perú.

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  1. Zapatillas o zapatos de caminata.
  2. Bloqueador solar.
  3. Pequeña mochila.
  4. Ropa adecuada / Protector impermeable para lluvia.
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Day 1:
Arrival to Lima
Reception at the airport and transfer to your hotel. Does not include meals
Day 2:
City Tour in Lima and Pachacamac Ruins
Túcume, and The royal tombs of Sipán. You will travel early from Lima to the Northern City of Chiclayo (plane ticket is not included), upon arrival in Chiclayo you will be transferred to the hotel. After resting, you will go to see the Adobe Pyramid that was World News in 1987 is one of the Most Sensational Finds of Recent Archeology. Known as the Huaca Rajada, where an Adobe Platform was found where Fabulous Ancient Treasures were discovered from a series of Deeply Buried Tombs of the Pre-Inca Moche Culture, which lived in the Valleys of the North Coast of Peru 1,500 years ago. To access the Huaca coming from the East you go through the Campos and the Valley of Reque where there are Sugar Cane Plantations and The Mountains of the Andes Mountains that are Adorned by Beautiful Colors, to be able to reach the Modern Village of Sipan . There you will be able to see the Tombs themselves, with the Excellent Reconstructions of the Burials of the Priests and Chiefs, along with their Guards and Sacrificed Companions.A Very Informative Site Museum Tells the History of this Extraordinary Civilization, which has Created some of the Best Ceramics, Jewelery and Goldsmiths of the Americas - at the same time as Bloody Ritual and Fighting Scenes are detailed; the Sacrifice and the Atonement, since it was a question of Mediating in an Endless Fight between the Forces of Order and Chaos. They will return to Chiclayo for a Rich Northern Style Lunch and then continue to Lambayeque, where they will visit the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum. This Modern Building, Representing the Style of a Moche Pyramid, was built to House the Priceless and Surprising Objects Unearthed in Sipan. (A single item stolen from the Graves was intercepted at auction in the US - with a reserve price of $ 1.6 million).Here we can see the Incredible Variety of Symbols and Precious Images, Stones, Shell Necklaces, Earmuffs and Headdresses that were used and displayed in the Ceremonies of the Moche Culture, and also learn what is known of their Meaning. The Visit Ends in a Surprising Show of "Animated Wax Figures" Exhibition of the Lords and their Entourage of the Court of Moche, which allows us to glimpse and imagine the world of an Unknown but Dazzling Civilization that Thrived here at a time when Europe that was going through the Stage of the Middle Ages after the fall of the Roman Empire (476 AD) After these Sensational Experiences you will go to an Oasis of calm in Túcume, today's final destination. Here you will see the Chronological Sequence that Followed the Fall of the Moche, in a place where their Descendants, the Sicán culture, continued to Accumulate Millions of Adobe Bricks for the Construction of the Pyramids including the Longest of its Kind in the World, ( which measures more than 700 meters / 2,300 feet) but they were Influenced by the Tribes that were beyond their Dominions, it was in that period that they began to Abandon their Old Ways. The History of this Site Investigated by the Famous Explorer Thor Heyerdahl (Norwegian) takes us through the Route that Huayna Capac took that Conquered Regions that were Visited by other Civilizations Centuries after the Incas did. We can go up to a Viewpoint with Magnificent Views of the Pyramids of the Surroundings and the Habitat of the Dry Forest of Valle de la Leche. You can also visit the Small Museum, of Small Proportions, an Intimate and Rustic place, to enjoy the Excellent Collection of Excavated Objects, Dioramas of Daily Life, and the Models of the Pyramids. They will return to Chiclayo to spend the night. Includes Lunch
Day 3:
Trip from Lima to the City of Cusco
In the morning, we will travel with our guide by car or bus to Trujillo. This half-day trip south on the Pan-American Highway offers a changing panorama of scenes of the Peruvian coast, alternating irrigated river valleys, such as the Jequetepeque and Chicama, with stretches of arid dunes and rocky desert. We make a stop in Pacasmayo to enjoy a delicious lunch. After the optional El Brujo archaeological site request visit: This site in National Geographic magazine following the sensational discovery here of the mummy of a tattooed priestess, buried with a variety of ceremonial and military accoutrements. An extraordinary variety of multi-colored murals dating from seven or more phases of construction depicts two scenes from the daily life of the Moche, and the bloody rituals of sacrifice. Additional: $ 80 per person based on one person and $ 49 based on two people. They will arrive in Trujillo in the afternoon. This City, Founded in 1534 by order of Francisco Pizarro, maintains a Colonial Atmosphere, with its Spacious Main Plaza, where there are a series of Colonial Era Buildings Built on the Basis of Coastal Colonial Style Adobe, with Huge Windows with Bars and Doors Wood for Profuse use. They will continue, driving a short distance from Trujillo, to visit the Huaca de la Luna, and the Huaca del Sol, Two Huge Flattened Pyramids built by the Culture. Moche between 0 and 600A.C. The Huaca de la Luna is an Extraordinary Demonstration of Long-Term Patience of what Archeology can accomplish. It is a site that has been well Known and Frequently Looted for Centuries, Excavations have revealed Layer upon Layer of Ancient Construction, the Discovery of Wall after Wall of Colored Friezes that were Intentionally Buried by the Moche, and had not seen the light of the day for centuries. Gods Represented with Fangs make the type of Bloody Character look and Exotic Gods in the form of Spiders, Feline Snakes, Octopuses and other Sea Creatures rub shoulders with the Lines of Dancers, Warriors and Naked Prisoners and Ritual Combat Scenes. A Wall is covered with a Myriad of Baffling Symbols that have been called The Moche Iconography - until in the Future some Archaeologist can offer a Reasonable Explanation of them. A Site Museum to display the Material discovered here is under Construction, and will be Open to the Public when the Investigation is Completed. They will return to Trujillo to spend the night. Includes Breakfast and Lunch
Day 4
River Rafting in Urubamba
In the morning you will visit the Historic Center of Trujillo, a City whose Heart still Beats with Colonial Splendor. They will visit the Immense Main Plaza and the Spacious Mansions Built by Spanish and Creole Nobles during the 17th and 18th centuries. Then they will go through Trujillo towards the Coast, arriving at the Great Chimú Center of Chan Chan, the Largest Adobe City Ever Built. In fact, it was a Pact of the Elites, a series of Nine Huge Palaces that Belong to the Successive Rulers of the Chimú Kingdom. At its Peak the Population here may have reached 50,000 people. Many of them were Artists and Craftsmen, who did a Sumptuous Work of Goldsmithing, Textiles and Ceramics for which the Chimú were Recognized. In the Tschudi Palace Precinct, you will enter a Series of Courtyard Labyrinths Lined with Clay Friezes Representing Figures of Ocean Birds and Fish. And on some Walls there are Adobe Images that Represents the Construction of Fishing Nets. They will visit Inner Courtyards, Residences, Administrative Buildings, Temples, Platforms and Warehouses, and a Huge Reserve in "Sunken Gardens" that may have been to produce the Specialized Crops for the Chimú Nobility. They will go to the Near Town of Huanchaco Beach, where they will have the Opportunity to Taste the Excellent Fish and Seafood of Trujillo in a Restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Here the Fishermen still Row Sea Inside, Kneeling on the Caballitos de Totora Boat that is used by a single Man. These Rafts are made of Cattails that have been Used for Thousands of Years for the Abundant Fishing that is the Reward of the Pacific Ocean. In the afternoon you will go to the airport to take your flight to Lima. Reception and transport to your hotel Includes Breakfast and Lunch
Day 5:
Piscacucho / Huayllabamba
You will be picked up from your hotel in Lima at 5:00 in the morning, you will have a driver and a minivan, the trip takes about 6 hours each way (round trip). On the way they will visit the Site Museum, the Tomb of María Reiche. They will stop and make a visit to Nazca. Throughout the Stoned Desert there are great Number of Lines, not only Parallels and Geometric Figures, but also Designs like a Dog, a Monkey, a Hummingbird with a Dimension (over 100 meters,) a Spider and a Tree. These Lines, which Represent a Species of Pre-Inca Agricultural Calendar with the Representation of some Constellations, are best seen from the Air. They will take a half hour flight over the lines (plane ticket included). After the flight, they will rest and have lunch before returning to Lima. Upon arrival, transfer to the hotel. Includes Breakfast and Lunch
Day 6:
Huayllabamba / Pakasmayu
Transfer to Lima Airport for the flight to Cusco (plane ticket not included). Upon arrival at the Cusco airport. Reception and Transfer to the Hotel, where you will receive an Aromatic Coca Mate that will help your Body adapt to the Height, you will have the morning Free to Rest and we also suggest you have a Light Lunch, either in your Hotel or in a Restaurant of the Surroundings, in the afternoon they will do a City Tour (the entrance to the Archaeological Centers and Museums included) we will visit the Plaza Mayor, the Cathedral, the Koricancha (Temple of the Sun) and, in addition, we will do a Tour Bordering Archaeological Centers such as the Fortress of Sacsayhuaman, Q 'ENKO, Puka Pukara and Tambomachay, the Tour ends at approximately 18:30 in the Main Square for you to have dinner in one of the good restaurants in the area (Rest at your Hotel). It includes breakfast Notes : * City tour: from 1:45 pm to 6:30 pm approx. (Pick up from the hotel starts at 1:15 pm). * Buffet Dinner with Optional Folkloric Show: add $ 30 per person.
Day 7:
Pakasmayu / Wiñaywayna
Breakfast. You will be picked up at 8:15 am. Full Day Excursion to the Urubamba Valley, visiting: the Colorful Indian Market in Pisac, where a Mix of Color and Tradition will be able to see how Local Artisans work and buy their Handmade Gifts. The Valley is at a Distance of 31 km (19 miles) from Cusco, and an Altitude of 2,970 m (9,700 p), Pisac is located at the entrance of the Sacred Valley and followed by Ollantaytambo, the oldest continuously occupied city of the American Continent . The Narrow streets of Ollantaytambo, along with its Canals that have not changed since the Inca Era, Evoke its Ancestral Heritage, then we will have Lunch in a Typical Restaurant and then the last visit will be to the Chinchero Market. Chinchero is believed to be the Mythical Cradle of the Rainbow. Its Main Attraction for Tourism is its Colorful Sunday Market. At the end, the Return to the main square of Cusco at approximately 6:30 pm. That night you will be free to eat at a Restaurant of your choice, although we always have several suggestions in case they require it. NOTES: Take this tour on market days: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday Bilingual guided tour on different days
Day 8:
Wiñaywayna / Machu Picchu
You will have an early breakfast and you will be picked up to go to the Train Station for Machu Picchu, the trip lasts about 4 hours. During the trip you will have a Breathtaking View of the Landscapes of the Sacred Valley of Urubamba and a Glimpse of the Amazon Rainforest that Provides a Small Clue of how much Peru has to Offer. Upon arriving at the Small Town of Aguas Calientes, you will have to go to the bus station to go to the "Citadel of Machu Picchu" (Only 20 minutes away) to have a Guided Tour by Professionals of this huge Historical Sanctuary then you will have some Free time to explore the area on your own and then you will have your Buffet Lunch at the Selected Restaurant (included), at the end you will go to the town of Aguas Calientes to relax in the Hot Springs or spend the night at the hotel. Includes Breakfast, Box Lunch
Day 9:
Machu Picchu / Cusco
Breakfast and rest of the day free on your own (entrance and bus fare to Machu Picchu is not included today) in the afternoon return to Cuzco. Reception at the train station and transfer to the hotel where you will spend the night It includes breakfast On request: You can make a second visit to Machu Picchu and have the opportunity to know hidden places, such as the Intipunku (Puerta del Sol) or for more adventures you can take a hike to the Cima del Huayna Picchu (young mountain ) to visit the Temple of the Moon and enjoy a Spectacular View of the City. Or if you have good physical conditions, you can take an adrenaline-filled hike to Putukusi Mountain that is located on the opposite side of Machu Picchu and will allow you to have other Unforgettable Viewpoints of this New Wonder.
Day 10:
Final Transfer
Breakfast at your hotel, transfer to the airport to take your flight.

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Pre-Departure Briefing
Experienced Tour Guide
First Aid Kit
Customer Service 24/7
Tourist Transportation
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Entrance to Machu Picchu
Buses of Ascent and Descent to Machu Picchu
Travel Insurance
Tips for Our Staff
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Entrance to The Hot Springs in Aguas Calientes
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Preguntas Frecuentes

Información para los recojos
Machu Picchu Guide puede recogerlo en su hotel, siempre y cuando sea en el Centro Histórico de Cusco. Su guía coordinará la hora del recojo en la sesión informativa, pero tenga en cuenta que la hora puede variar entre 20 y 35 minutos debido al tráfico.
Viajes en grupo
Los viajes en grupo están compuestos por diferentes tipos de personas, las condiciones físicas, edades de estas pueden variar. Al aceptar ser parte de un tour grupal, también acepta que algunas personas pueden ser más rápidas o más lentas que usted. Por lo tanto, cada persona puede ir a su propio ritmo en la ruta. Puede darse el caso de que un grupo desee modificar el recorrido; no obstante, será el guía quien decida, previa consulta con todos los participantes, para saber si tales modificaciones son adecuadas y posibles para el resto del grupo.
Huelgas en Cusco-Perú
Suelen ser comunes en Perú, y esto puede interrumpir algunos de nuestros tours. Las carreteras pueden bloquearse y las vías del tren pueden tomarse. Sin embargo, intentaremos mantener su viaje como lo planeó originalmente, incluso si eso significa salir la noche antes de la fecha programada. En estas circunstancias, los tours también pueden cancelarse. En caso de cambios o cancelaciones, todo será coordinado con usted por nuestro departamento de operaciones. Su seguridad es nuestra máxima prioridad y tomaremos nuestras decisiones para protegerla.
Objetos perdidos
Por favor, preste atención a dónde deja sus cosas y recuerde llevarse todo una vez que salga de nuestro transporte, carpas o restaurantes. Eres el único responsable de tus objetos durante el recorrido.
¿Puedo cambiar o cancelar mi tour?
Por supuesto puedes modificar la fecha de tu tour hasta 24 horas antes y puedes cancelar hasta 15 días antes, pero habrá cargos por gastos administrativos.
¿Cuáles son las mejores características de este tour?
En este fantástico viaje conocerás algunos de los destinos más bellos de América del Sur. Magníficos picos andinos cubiertos de nieve componen el fondo de esta pintura impresionista de la vida real. Tendrá la oportunidad de experimentar uno de los lugares más místicos de la tierra, el Valle Sagrado de los Incas. Lo invitamos a disfrutar de la mejor gastronomía de la región Cusco en este maravilloso recorrido. Ven y únete a nosotros en una aventura a lugares fascinantes que siempre recordarás en tu corazón.


Con su reserva obtenga un tour de 2 horas en el mercado tradicional de San Pedro

Tours Integrales Compartidos (grupos reducidos)
Tours privados en Perú (Servicio de Lujo)
Tren Expedition de PeruRail o Voayager de Incarail
Alojamiento de Clase Turista
En determinadas ocasiones dependiendo de la disponibilidad, se le asignará un hotel de similar categoría.
Consultar disponibilidad
Tren Vistadome de PeruRail o 360 ° de Incarail
Alojamiento de Primera Clase
En determinadas ocasiones dependiendo de la disponibilidad, se le asignará un hotel de similar categoría.
Consultar disponibilidad
Tren Hiram Bingham de PeruRail o Primera Clase de Incarail
Alojamiento de Clase Lujosa
En determinadas ocasiones dependiendo de la disponibilidad, se le asignará un hotel de similar categoría.
Consultar disponibilidad

Acerca de los trenes

Usted puede elegir entre 2 opciones de trenes diferentes, ambos recorren el mismo trayecto, sin embargo, la comodidad y vistas desde los vagones son diferentes.


Tren Expedition de PeruRail o tren Voyager de Incarail

Si usted elige la opción Expedition encontrará un vagón cómodo donde podrá relajarse e informarse sobre los puntos más importantes que tiene esta ruta milenaria y que todo aventurero debe conocer. El vagon Expedition cuenta con vagones cubiertos totalmente por grandes ventanales, a través de los cuales usted apreciara de la belleza del paisaje natural. Su experiencia a Machu Picchu comienza aquí.

PeruRail Voyager
Tren Vistadome de PeruRail o tren 360° de Incarail

Este vagón completamente acristalado le ofrece vistas panorámicas sin igual y un sin número de oportunidades para tomar fotografías espectaculares, el viajero en el Vistadome se conectará y se sentirá parte del impresionante paisaje del Perú. Perurail le brindará la atención personalizada y de primera clase a través de la cual usted vivirá una experiencia inolvidable. El Vistadome también cuenta con aire acondicionado y calefacción, asientos de cuero que se ajustan al cuerpo, brindándole comodidad y relajación durante el viaje. Durante el trayecto se le servirán aperitivos y bebidas.

Peru Rail Vistadome
Tren Hiram Bingham de PeruRail o tren de Primera Clase de Inca Rail

La mejor manera de viajar a Machu Picchu es con el tren Hiram Bingham , con un servicio personalizado que cuida hasta el más mínimo detalle durante su viaje. Usted disfrutará de un sofisticado vagón restaurante, vagón bar y vagón observatorio, donde podrá disfrutar al aire libre de esta maravillosa ruta. Junto con un coctel peruano y shows de música local en vivo; tendrá una experiencia que nunca olvidará.

PeruRail Hiram Bingham

Referente a los Hoteles

Las experiencias inolvidables son mucho mejores cuando te encuentras cerca de monumentos icónicos e históricos. Los alojamientos que te ofrecemos se encuentran estratégicamente ubicados cerca de las zonas de interés, llenos de comodidad y lo más importante muy seguros, exactamente lo que necesitas.

JW Marriott El Convento (Cusco)

JW Marriott El Convento Cusco is a luxury hotel in Cusco, Peru with a personalized design focused on the old Colonial Convent of San Agustín. Here, you can see archaeological remains of different periods and enjoy a locale a few blocks from Mayory Square.

JW Marriott El Convento Cusco
Hotel Ruinas (Cusco)

A hotel with modern and colonial architecture, with an excellent location just 5 minutes from the main square, it has rooms with a magnificent view of the main square.

Hotel Ruinas - Cusco
Hostal Santa Catalina (Cusco)

Come and enjoy an experience, beyond a night in a hostel, live the experience of a house from colonial times in our Cusco, very close to the city center.

Hostal Santa Catalina - Cusco
Sanctuary Lodge (Machu Picchu)

¿Deseas estar sentado a las sombras de la gran Ciudad Perdida de Machu Picchu?, este increíble alojamiento es un oasis de calma antes o después de un día explorando Machu Picchu. Relájese con una sesión de yoga, participe en una ceremonia chamánica tradicional en el jardín o tome té de muña en Tampu Bar. La tranquilidad y la belleza de los alrededores están en el corazón de nuestra experiencia única.

Hotel Vista (Machu Picchu)

Las habitaciones del Vista Machu Picchu cuentan con vistas a la montaña, TV por cable vía satélite y baño privado con ducha y secador de pelo. Además, todas las habitaciones cuentan con teléfono, ventiladores y caja fuerte. El servicio a habitación está disponible bajo pedido.

Hotel Vista Machu Picchu
Hotel Wiracocha Inn (Machu Picchu)

El Hotel Wiracocha en Machu Picchu, le ofrece habitaciones con wifi gratis y TV por cable, nuestra ubicación es privilegiada, ya que se encuentra a solo 10 minutos a pie de una fuente termal. El servicio Incluye desayuno, también dispone de un restaurante y una cafetería. Brinda un servicio de transporte gratuito a la estación de tren.

Hotel Wiracocha Inn


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Muy malo
Vergara Santiago

Vergara Santiago

18/12/2021 07:44

excelente experiencia

Bonito lugar, el clima presto para el paseo que dimos.
Licona Pintor

Licona Pintor

18/12/2021 07:44

excelente experiencia

Muy buen servicio de parte del guía y la agencia, la movilidad y la atención del conductor fue gentil.
Araujo Somber

Araujo Somber

18/12/2021 07:44

excelente experiencia

Buena forma de disfrutar de la adrenalina, la seguridad que te brindan los expertos para una mejor experiencia.
Simomi Cumpa

Simomi Cumpa

18/12/2021 07:44

excelente experiencia

El recorrido con un poco de polvo pero lo vale, la vista y la historia fueron increibles.
Agramonte Prado

Agramonte Prado

18/12/2021 07:44

excelente experiencia

Ollantaytambo es impresionante, segun nuestro guia aqui se dio la unica victoria inca contra los españoles en el valle sagrado.
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